80/10/10 Purchase Loan!

80/10/10 Purchase Combos for Loan Amounts OVER Conventional Loan Limits!

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The Lowdown on 80/10/10 Purchase Combo Mortgages...

Purchase Challenges:

  1. Borrower’s buying in the Jumbo price range that don’t have the required 20% down payment
  2. Borrower’s buying in the Conforming or High Balance price range and don’t have 20% to put down to avoid paying MI


  1. Allows borrower to buy in Jumbo price range with only 10% down with NO MI !
  2. Allows borrowers with at least 10% to NOT pay MI !

PRODUCT BENEFITS:   • Potential to obtain your desired lower rate on the first mortgage • Maintain a low blended rate up to 90% TLTV • Help keep your first mortgage within the conforming limits at a lower interest rate • Avoid Mortgage Insurance (MI) • Avoid Escrows • High Balance Conforming first positions eligible • First time home buyers are O.K. • For 2nd lien position choose either 30 year fixed for lower payment or a 15 year fixed term to build equity faster • borrowers 10% down can all be gift funds
• Rates will likely continue to rise so secure a second mortgage with a Fixed loan and not an adjustable rate HELOC

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS :  SFR or Condo, primary residence up to 90% TLTV, 740 minimum FICO required for 90% TLTV, Max $250,000 2nd mortgages up to 90% TLTV

Do I Qualify?

Jumbo loan amounts vary depending on the county the property is located in. Once the loan exceeds the max conventional or high balance limits in each county, the loan becomes a “Jumbo” loan and requires a 20% down payment. ENTER the 80/10/10 purchase combo loan for loan amounts OVER conventional & high balance loan limits! This allows borrows to buy in the jumbo loan range but only put down just 10%! Plus, no mortgage insurance! Find out how much you quality for below.

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I Want My FREE 80/10/10 Rate Quote!